Saturday, April 14, 2007

Suggestion Book Archives get frisky!

Some Suggestion Book correspondents provide too much information, like this exchange from summer '05:

3757. We Need Kama Sutra Book Handy For My Pleasure. Maybe You’ll Consider it. Thank you. Signed, Santa’s Lil Helper.
3758. F--k yeah!
We answered Santa’s Lil Helper: Dear Santa’s Little Helper, thank you for taking an interest in the Library’s resources. Our Collection Development Policy states that the Library seeks to support the mission of the College and instructional needs of the campus. While your pleasure is not quite in direct support of those aims, we do think Sir Richard Burton’s classic translation of the Kama Sutra would be a good addition to our collection, and have ordered a copy.
You might also look forward to our upcoming Hot Topics display focusing on books with naked in the title.

And we answered the writer of #3558: We thank you for your enthusiasm, and recommend that you check the Oxford Dictionary of Slang (REF PE3721 O95 1998) for a further range of colloquialisms to brighten your prose.
But Santa’s Lil Helper had more to tell us:
3761a. We need Kama Sutra & porn. I have a date tomorrow.—Santa’s Lil Helper.
3761b. Must have Kama Sutra now! I’m horny and must learn for my whores. Thank You, Santa’s Lil Helper.
3771. I need Kama Sutra.
We answered: You seem to have a very busy social life! May we suggest that you consult some other titles in the Library’s collection that might be of more use than “porn”?
How about Dating and Sexuality in America: A Reference Handbook HQ801 A3 T87 2003 or Generation S.L.U.T. (sexually liberated urban teens): a brutal feel-up session with today’s sex-crazed adolescent populace PS3602 E316 G46x 2004 or perhaps Why We Love: the nature and chemistry of romantic love BF575 L8 F53 2004.
Happy Dating.
[We never did hear how the date went. But we did buy the Kama Sutra HQ470 S3 V3 2002]

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