Tuesday, July 30, 2013

It's summer -- catch up on a good film!

The Library has recently collected a run of films from the Toronto International Film Festival.  Check out one of these foreign and independent film titles:

AV PN1997.2 A42452627x 2010
Bad Day to Go Fishing
AV PN1997.2 M351352x 2010
Clandestine Childhood
AV PN1997.2 I6426735235x 2012
The Colors of the Mountain
AV PN1997.2 C6467473456x 2012
Come Undone
AV PN1997.2 C68478645x 2012
The Country Teacher
AV PN1997.2 V4656875x 2009
The Dynamiter
AV PN1997.2 D96265847x
AV PN1997.2 E43673x 2009
Foreign Letters
AV PN1997.2 F6745462548x
Found Memories
AV PN1997.2 H5726784764x 2012
Free Men
AV PN1997.2 H645664725x 2012
AV PN1997.2 G542684x 2009
The Grocer’s Son
AV PN1997.2 F55734x 2008
Helena from the Wedding
AV PN1997.2 H454546247x
Hospitalité: Welcome to our house
AV PN1997.2 K366825x 2012
How I Ended This Summer
AV PN1997.2 K352529277x 2010
AV PN1997.2 I4554425x 2011
In Love We Trust
AV PN1997.2 Z86968x 2009
Inch’Allah Dimanche
AV PN1997.2 I623435x 2002
AV PN1997.2 J33442x 2010
Karen Cries on the Bus
AV PN1997.2 K374623754x 2011
King of Devil’s Island
AV PN1997.2 K664462837x 2011
Little Sparrows
AV PN1997.2 L587727768x
The Piano in a Factory
AV PN1997.2 G35934756x 2011
A Screaming Man
AV PN1997.2 H6456642785x 2011
AV PN1997.2 S7576x 2010
The Trap
AV PN1997.2 K576753x 2008
Troubled Water
AV PN 1997.2 U896544x 2009
Under the Bombs
AV PN1997.2 S6687536x 2008
AV PN1997.2 V37847655x 2011
Viva Laldjérie
AV PN1997.2 V58952534x 2004
The Wind Journeys
AV PN1997.2 V51244738x 2010

Friday, July 19, 2013

Brighter Lights!!

You asked! 

In response to satisfaction and use surveys, students frequently requested more and better lighting in the Library.

We heard you!

Please excuse the noise and disruption as the campus electrician crew install new lights throughout the library.

Monday, July 08, 2013


Muslims begin the observation of the holy month of Ramadan at sunset today.

Read more about Ramadan and Islam with one of these titles:

Bakhtiar, Lalen.  Ramadan: Motivating Believers to Action.  BP186.4 R46 1995

Haddad, Yvonne.  Muslims in the West: from Sojourners to Citizens.  BP52.5 M885 2002

Hoyt-Goldsmith, Diane.  Celebrating Ramadan.  BP186.4 H69 2001

Robinson, Neal.  Islam: A Concise Introduction.  BP161.5 R59 1999

Shu'aib, Tajuddin.  Essentials of Ramadan: the Fasting Month.  BP186.4 S47x 1991

Friday, July 05, 2013

Zimmerman, Trayvon, and American Justice

As the Zimmerman trial proceeds, and the national media and American conscience debate race, justice and society, read up on the issues:

·         The Murder of Emmett Till, AV E185.61 .M973x 2004

·         Community Policing: A Police-Citizen Partnership, Michael Palmiotto, HV7936.C83 P353 2011

·         Crime Scene Investigation & Reconstruction (3rd Ed.), Robert Ogle, Jr, HV8073 .O382 2012

·         Racial Profiling (Opposing Viewpoints), HV7936 .R3 R323 2009

·         Profiling and Criminal Justice in America, Jeffrey Bumgarner, HV9950 .B86 2004

·         In the Margins: Special Populations and American Justice, Reid Toth, Gordon Crews and Catherine Burton, KF9223 .I5 2008

·         Rights of the Accused, Michelle Lewis (Ed.), KF9618 .R543 2007

·         American Juries, Neil Vidmar and Valerie Hans, KF8972 .V56 2007

·         Criminal Procedure: Investigation, Wayne LaFave, Jerold Israel, Nancy King, and Orin Kerr, KF9619 .L348 2009

·         Criminal Procedure: Post-Investigation, LaFave et al, KF9619 .L344 2009

·         Law and Evidence: A Primer for Criminal Justice, Criminology, Law, and Legal Studies, Charles Nemeth, KF9660 .N46 2011

·         Psychology and Law, Andreas Kapardis, K487 .P75 K36 2010