Friday, September 29, 2006

Popular reading proves popular!

The Library's new Popular Reading collection has proven to be a crowd pleaser! In just under a month, over half of that collection has been checked out!

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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Popular Reading is here!

Check out your Library's NEW Popular Book Collection. A selection of contemporary best-sellers, notable titles and controversial books, the Popular Book collection will be updated each month with exciting new fiction and nonfiction material. Borrow any title with your NOVACard for 3 weeks!

Albright, Madeleine. The Mighty and the Almighty: Reflections on America, God, and World Affairs. BL65 I55 A53 2006

Ali, Monica. Alentejo Blue. PR6101 L45 A44 2006

Bennet, William J. America: The Last Best Hope. E178 B46 2006

Burroughs, Augusten. Possible Side Effects. PS3552 U745 Z475 2006

Child, Julia. My Life in France. TX649 C47 A3 2006

Clark, Mary Higgins. Two Little Girls In Blue. PS3553 L287 T96 2006`

Cooper, Anderson. Dispatches From The Edge: A Memoir of War, Disaster, and Survival. PN4874 C683 A3 2006

Cornwell, Patricia. At Risk. PS3553 O692 A93 2006

Coulter, Ann. Godless: The Church of Liberalism. JC574.2 U6 C667 2006

Deaver, Jeffery. Cold Moon: A Lincoln Rhyme Novel. PS3554 E1755 C65 2006

Ebadi, Shirin. Iran Awakening: A Memoir of revolution and Hope. KMH110 I23 A3 2006

Friedman, Thomas. The World is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-First Century. HM846 F74 2006

Giffin, Emily. Baby Proof . PS3607 !28 B33 2006

Gottleib, Lori and Kevin Bleyer. I Love You, Nice To Meet You: A Guy and a Girl Give the Lowdown on Coupling Up. HQ801 G598 2006

Griffin, W.E.B. The Saboteurs: A Men At War Novel. PS3557 R489137 S23 2006

Joujoun-Roche, Gregory. One Body, One Life: 6 Weeks To The New You. GV481 J696 2006

Koontz, Dean. The Husband. PS3561 O55 H87 2006

McBain, Ed. Learning to Kill. PS3515 U585 L43 2006

Murray, Jonathan and David Murray. Two For The Money: The Sensible Plan For Making It All Work. HG179 M867 2006

Philbrick, Nathaniel. Mayflower: A Story of Courage, Community, and War. F68 P44 2006

Paniatowska, Elena. Nada, Nadie, Las Voces Del Temblor. F1386.3 P65 2005

Patterson, James. Thriller: Stories to Keep You Up at Night. PS648 S88 T57 2006

Perry, Tyler. Don't Make a Black Woman Take Off Her Earrings: Madea's Uninhibited Commentaries on Love and Life. PS3616 E795 D66 2006

Russert, Tim. Wisdom of our Fathers: Lessons and Letters from Daughters and Sons. HQ755.86 W57 2006

Salinas, Maria Elena. Yo Soy La Hija De Mi Padre: Un Vida Sin Secretos. PN1992.4 S155 A318 2006

Schatzing, Frank. The Swarm. PT2680 A79 S3813 2006

Updike, John. Terrorist. PS3571 P4 T44 2006

Zinni, Tony. The Battle For Peace: A Frontline Vision of America's Power and Purpose. E895 Z56 2006

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