Thursday, May 15, 2014

Whew! Finals are over!

The Alexandria Campus Library once again provided extended hours to accommodate student research, final assignment & research needs through the last week of classes and final exams (April 28 - May 9).

The library opened early at 8am and closed late at 11pm, and served study-break snacks after 9pm to all those burning the midnight oil.

128 students came to the Library before 8.30am and 381 stayed past 10pm, for a grand total of 509 students who took advantage of the early opening and late closing to conquer the end-of-term.

Many thanks to Student Activities who provided a banquet of snacks and drinks as part of their "Stress Relief Week" for Finals.  And thanks to all the Library Staff who voluntarily re-arranged their schedules to come in early to get the doors open by 8am (or sometimes earlier!) and to keep the doors open all the way until 11pm.

Summer classes begin May 19th, when the Library's Summer Schedule will take effect:

Monday - Thursday 8.30am - 9.00pm
Friday 8.30am - 5.00pm
Saturday: closed

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Congratulations Anne!

Instruction Librarian Anne Anderson was the 2014 Administrative/Professional Faculty winner of the Jean C. Netherton Award.

Named after a former provost, the award recognizes employees for outstanding service to the Alexandria Campus community, and is bestowed by the faculty and staff through Campus Council.

The Alexandria Campus Library boasts five Netherton winners on the current staff (l-r: Matt Todd, Anne Anderson, Kevin O'Hagan, Kim Gross, Bruce Carroll):

Congratulations Anne!

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

In Focus: Photography Month at YOUR Alexandria Campus Library

May is National Photography Month and YOUR Alexandria Campus Library is celebrating with a display of the photography books held in the circulating collection. Our photography-focused volumes span the entire history of the photographic enterprise, from the first crude daguerreotypes to the modern digital born image.

Patrons can come browse the books in our display to learn more about photography's place in American art, culture, and politics. Titles featured focus on the body of work or process of notable, and sometimes controversial, American photographers.

So come to the library and check out the exquisite, challenging, and arresting work of American photographers at YOUR Alexandria Campus Library.

Readers who are especially interested in the social and documentary powers of news photography might also enjoy a tumblr produced by the New York Times, The Lively Morgue. The blog features digitized copies of print images taken for the newspaper between 1896 and the widespread use of digital photograph. Click here to access the Morgue, and here to read more about the lone archivist involved in the project.

Monday, May 05, 2014

Notes and Noise: A Musical Event in YOUR Alexandria Library

Rock steady and be ready!
Just another relaxing, fun, and interactive community event brought to you by community members and YOUR Alexandria Campus Library.

Friday, May 02, 2014

Fast Five Friday: Finals Week Magazine Edition

It's finally here: finals week. YOUR Alexandria Campus Library Staff knows how busy our patrons are with final projects and exam preparation. Might we suggest some respite in the form of glossy magazines? These popular reading resources are perfect for a brief break as are they image heavy and designed to entertain.

Your Alexandria Campus library maintains subscriptions to popular magazines of many types. These titles can be found in plastic organizers on the shelves nearest the group study rooms.

Here is a brief highlight of some magazine titles perfect for curling up and escaping with:

Men of style (and their fans), take note. Gentlemen's Quarterly is your go-to resource for fashion and life-style advice.

Want to imagine a world in which wearing a sculptural couture doily is a valid and celebrated choice? Then Harper's Bazaar is your jam.

People magazine will satisfy if keeping up with celebrities is your guilty pleasure, but you need some human interest stories in the mix to assuage your guilt.

Rolling Stone is one of the most enduring veterans of the music and entertainment genre for a reason: the wonderful photography, the detailed artists’ profiles, and the quality of its investigative journalism.

Sports Illustrated is the premier American source for smart sports journalism and pushing the definition of swimwear passed its logical boundary.

So weary patrons, come take refuge in YOUR Alexandria campus library and check out our magazine offerings.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

New Books at YOUR Alexandria Campus Library: 4-29-14 Edition

It’s that new book time at YOUR Alexandria Campus library.

This means that Lupita, Pharell and all the library staff are especially HAPPY to highlight some of the best new titles for our patrons.

The answer to the title question should be obvious, but do not let it prevent you from picking up Hutchinson's entertaining book about the process of drafting laws to adapt to societies' changing needs.

This beautifully designed primer on graphic communication is meant to instruct readers on the use of dynamic visual tools to convey messages quickly and effectively.

Every passionate reader has a work that functions as a touchstone in their lives and for Rebecca Mead that novel is Middlemarch. This memoir touches on what it means to be a reader and how our relationships to books can challenge, transform, and comfort us.

The human-rights activists and social provocateurs of the Pussy Riot collective have gone to great lengths and risked much to bring national and international attention to the repressive inner workings of the Russian political system. Read about what motivates these women in this profile by Russia-based journalist Masha Gessen.

Robert Hofler explains how counter-culture artists of the late sixties and early seventies confronted repressive societal standards with their work to usher in an era of unprecedented sexual and personal freedom in the US and UK.

This important book, about race and privileged, is a call to arms for all folks to challenge and change an unjust social system that arbitrarily benefits some while oppressing others.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Book Spine Poetry Contest: And the Winner is...

Winner of the grand prize $40 dollar Barnes and Noble gift card, and the book spine poet laureate of the Alexandria Campus Library is:
Love MyFace

Here are our other winners in rank order:


Second Place: Tahani


Third Place: Rida

Fourth Place: Ridha

Fifth Place: Daniel

Thank you to all our patron participants, and congratulations to all the finalists. Prizes will be awarded to our finalists on Monday.

Fast Five Friday: Let's Go to the Movies

There are only two more weeks left in the Spring 2014 semester, which means that our patrons could probably use a brain break. Never fear, because while YOUR Alexandria library is a primary source for things scholarly it is also a great place to access quality entertainment. 

Our feature film collection is a wonderful case in point. YOUR Alexandria campus library contains hundreds of films that cater to our patrons diverse viewing needs. The library’s movies range from very serious documentaries to lighthearted comedies. Patrons can locate these items by browsing the shelves nearest the stairs, or by searching through the library’s catalog for feature films. All movies in the collection can be checked out for a week at a time. Eager movie fans can also access and watch these films in the library using their own computers or using the library’s own audiovisual equipment.

One of the greatest things about film collection is its freshness. Our librarians are constantly adding feature  and documentaries film titles to our shelves that draw from diverse genres, cultures, and points of view. Here is a brief highlight of five of our latest movie acquisitions that reflect the richness and variety of our holdings.

Take out this classic by famed director Alfred Hitchcock when you crave suspense and a jolt of adrenaline.

 Imagine being a musical icon and hero to millions without ever knowing it. This documentary explores the unlikely stardom of one Detroit construction worker.

 This heartbreaking indie drama, about the caregivers and children in a short term foster care facility, is the perfect antidote to the overdone Hollywood blockbuster.

 This lovely French film, based on a true story, details the ways that friendships can shape and change us.

An awkward teen strikes up an unlikely friendship with a water park employee in this coming of age comedy.

Come into YOUR Alexandria Campus Library to borrow these titles or explore our entire collection.