Friday, October 09, 2015

Midterm Madness/ De-Stress for Success

Students took advantage of the Library's extended hours this week to study for final exams (for the 8-week session) and midterms and projects (for the 16-week session).  Over 160 students used the library during the extended hours period.

The De-Stress for Success club served coffee and snacks in the afternoon, coloring kits were on offer, and study-break snacks were served in the evenings.

One student said "I love NOVA!"  and another wondered "If this is what they do for midterms what do you suppose happens at finals?"

Tuesday, October 06, 2015


Need extra time to study for midterms??

Your campus Library is here for you!  The Library will be open until 11pm October 5-8, and until 6pm on the 9th.

Come study late with us!

Snacks at 10!

Saturday, October 03, 2015

Willi the Library Fish

Meet Willi, the Library's resident goldfish:

Goldfish carry fortuitous connotations in many cultures.  They are one of the symbols of the Buddha. They represent good luck, prosperity and happiness.  They are an important part of the Persian New Year Celebration.  Willi came to us from a Noruz display the Library mounted this past March. 

Willi is a literate fish.  Check here to see what Willi is reading:

Willi is currently reading Battleships and Aircraft Carriers 1900-Present  V815 B38x 2013

Watch out for depth charges!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Bye Bye Bruce

NOVA faculty and staff gathered at the home of Jean Hogan (one-time Media Librarian at the Alexandria Campus) to wish a fond farewell to Bruce Carroll, who retires at the end of September.

The College presented Bruce with a plaque and Library staff presented Bruce with a clock, memory book and cake.

Defying traffic, the guest of honor arrives.

The plaque honoring 24 years at NOVA.

Bruce (and grandchildren!) peruse the memory book.

The Library's tribute to Bruce's epic commute.

(l-r: Nikki Neal, Registrar; Jean Hogan, hostess; Alice Headley, counselor, retired; Keith Wynn, counselor; Frances Villagran-Glover, LTR Dean)

(l-r:  Kevin O'Hagan, library specialist; Nicole Nguyen, Dean's assistant; Bruce Carroll, almost retired; Kim Gross, LTR Office Manager).

Friday, September 25, 2015

Come Home to Create: Celebrating NOVA's 50th

On September 23rd the Alexandria Campus Library celebrated NOVA’s 50th Anniversary with a retrospective exhibition of alumni art.  The Library welcomed special guests Dr Scott Ralls, alumni artists, community partners from Alexandria Public Library and Resurrection Church, neighbors, faculty, staff and students to a gala opening.  

(above, l-r:  Matt Todd, LTR Associate Dean; Dr Scott Ralls, NOVA President; Melanie Medina, Library Specialist and NOVA alumna)

The exhibit highlights the artistic talents of NOVA students, including works dating back 30 years, up to current work by recent graduates.

In addition, student musicians Owen Squire and Margaret Bisulca provided live entertainment from the keyboard.  

(above:  Margaret Bisulca at the keyboard.  The image on the book display is an architectural rendering of the Bisdorf Building)

Also, two of our alumni artists are also currently exhibiting in galleries in downtown DC.   Susan Grace has a piece in the Library show and is currently exhibiting at the Hillyer Art Space.

Which received a positive review in the Washington Post recently.

And Fithi Abraham, who has three pieces in the Library show, is currently exhibiting at the G40 Art Summit.

Find our more about Sue ( and Fithi (

(above:  l-r:  President Ralls; Page Carr, PHT faculty; Sue Grace, alumna artist; Jimmie McClellan, Dean of Liberal Arts)  

(above l-r:  Courtney Boland, ASC Coordinator; Michelle Jerney-Davis, Library Specialist; Paul Chapman, Collection Development Librarian)

The work of over 30 alumni artists is showcased on both levels of the library, including painting, ceramics, photography, sculpture, lithography, conceptual work, graphic design, mixed media and collage.  The exhibit runs until November 27th in Bisdorf 232.  

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Rock the Vote

The Alexandria Campus Library celebrated Constitution Day (September 17th) by hosting a Rock the Vote voter registration drive.

Library staff used iPads to assist students to register to vote.

(above: Library Specialist Melanie Medina assists students to register to vote)

Happy Constitution Day!!

Friday, September 18, 2015

Come home to Create

Please join the Alexandria Campus in celebrating NOVA's 50th Anniversary at the Library's Retrospective Student Art Show:

Come Home to Create: Retrospective Art Show
Alexandria Campus Alumni Art Exhibit
Celebrating NOVA’s 50th Anniversary
Opening Reception Wednesday, September 23rd
5.00 – 7.30pm: Library (AA232)