Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Book Spine Poetry: The Second Day of Our Contest

Here are some great poems from the second day of our contest.


A poem by anonymous. Claim your poems to have a change to claim our prizes!

Keep composing AND sending your poems to us at, tweeting it to us at @LorainALlibrary, or instagram at LORAINALLIBRARY.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Book Spine Poetry: First Day of Our Contest

The first day of our contest was a complete success. Students, staff, and faculty have been using the display to create amazing and funny poetry. We want to remind everyone that they can submit multiple poems and that there is a grand prize of a $40 Barnes and Noble gift card on the line.

Our first student poet, hard at work

Here are some of the latest entries into the contest.




Keep composing NOVA Alexandria patrons! We'll share our latest entries tomorrow.
Follow the contest on twitter @lorainALlibrary, or on instagram at LKHOURYINSALLIBRARY

Sunday, April 13, 2014

National Libraries Week: Our Contest!

The staff of YOUR Alexandria Campus Library is gearing up to celebrate one of our favorite times of the year: National Library Week. This annual celebration was started in 1958 by the American Library Association (ALA) as a way to promote library use and engagement.

So why should our patrons care about this national event organized by librarians? The staff of YOUR Alexandria Library thinks National Library Week is worth observing because of the central place that libraries hold in our communities. This week serves as a time to for libraries to enter into a dialogue with our patrons about the critical contributions school, public, academic, private and government libraries make to all aspects of American life. It also serves as a fun way for libraries to increase their visibility and highlight the materials and services they make available to their patrons.

YOUR Alexandria is observing this important week with a Book Spine Poetry contest open to all NOVA Alexandria Campus students, faculty, and staff.

Short, sweet, and to the point. The beauty of the book spine poetry as form

Entry in our contest is easy. Simply enter the Alexandria Campus library and start stacking the provided books so that their titles read together create a poem. Poems of all types are welcome. We're looking for funny, clever, or moving poetry that will get our patrons thinking about the range of books we offer. Creativity will be rewarded handsomely. The grand prize is a $40 Barnes and Noble gift card, and the three runners up will all  receive $20 Barnes and Noble cards.

When you're happy with your work of genius simply email (, tweet (@lorainALlibrary), or instagram (lorainallibrary) your book spine poem to the library to enter the contest.

Click here to access a Calgary Public Libraries gallery for more inspiration

 Entries are due by 5 pm on Friday, April 18th. Library staff is responsible for the first round of judging and will select our top five favorites to go onto the second round of selection. Public voting on the top five entries will begin on Monday, April 21st. Public votes will be tabulated on the white board nearest the Circulation desk.

All received entries will be published through our social media portals and on the library blog. Winners will be contacted on Friday, April 26th so they can collect their prizes.

So come celebrate the wonderful place libraries hold in your life by entering YOUR Alexandria Library's Book Spine Poetry Contest. We cannot wait to see the poetry our patrons produce.

Friday, April 11, 2014

New Books at YOUR Alexandria Campus Library: 4-11-14 Edition

Take it, DeStorm!
We've just rolled out our latest batch of new books. Here are some of the titles the staff is most excited by:

Friends, Romans, Countryman lend us your eyes. Read Richard's compelling case for why Rome still controls a vast cultural empire.

Robert Gates served as a war-time Secretary of Defense under our two most recent presidents. Pore over his account of his time at the helm of the globe's most dominant military and within the circle of the world's most powerful men.

Can art change the world? De Boton and Armstrong think it can be an instructive force for good that is capable of showing viewers how to manage and overcome the conflict, vagaries, and confusion of everyday life.

Cormac McCarthy's dark and thought provoking novels have been successfully adapted for the screen. Read what happened when the novelist cut out the middle-men, and authored this original screenplay for director Ridley Scott.

Read this coming of age story by novelist Dana Johnson for the unique and engaging voice of its heroine, Avery Arlington. Praised for the veracity of its characters and setting, Johnson's book is an enjoyable journey through contemporary L.A.

Lillian Hellman was an accomplished writer but was almost universally loathed by her contemporaries. Author Alice Kessler-Harris takes on Hellman's legend, and uses historians' tools to draw a more complete picture of one of America's most unique personalities.

A former slave in the fractious Kansas territories conceals his true identity from firebrand abolitionist John Brown in this highly original novel by James Brown. Read this novel for one of the freshest re-imaginings of the historic raid on Harper's Ferry.

Saturday, April 05, 2014

Fast Five Friday: Affordable Care Act

The first enrollment period for the Affordable Care Act Insurance markets ended this week, and Obama administration officials reported that over 7.1 million people signed up for the newly created health exchanges. Learn more about the Affordable Care Act and its ongoing impact on health care accessibility using these five resources from YOUR Alexandria Campus Library.

K 3825 .L36 2010b
The Washington Post’s national reporting staff compiled this book to help people to make sense of how the Affordable Care Act impacts individuals, groups, and communities within the American healthcare system.

KF 3605 .A328201 A2 2010
Try to make sense of what the Affordable Care Act means for the federal and state governments, localities, and families using this volume.

RA 413.7 .U535 2011
The Affordable Care Act was enacted, in part, to address the high number of uninsured Americans. Discover the issues and controversies involved in creating coverage for segments of the US population previously uncovered in the private insurance system using this book.

KF 3605 .G65 2012
Interested in reading about the very contentious legislative battles that eventually lead to the passage of the Affordable Care Act? This book covers the history of health care reform from the Progressive Era up through the present day.

Click here to access AP Newswires
Monitor today’s headlines about the Affordable Care Act using this resource from the Associated Press. 

Monday, March 31, 2014

Congratulations Library Emeriti

Congratulations to Sylvia Rortvedt, Faculty Emerita and Marion Mirehouse, Classified Emerita:

Sylvia and Marion recently retired with almost 70 years of service to NOVA between them!

New Books At YOUR Alexandria Campus Library: 3-31-2014

It is our favorite time of the week at the library, the day that we release our new books to the public. Take it away, Maria!

How the staff reacts to our new acquisitions

This week’s highlights include...

Spend an afternoon with Olivia Laing's clear-eyed look at the often bleary-eyed relationship between American writers and alcohol.

Yemen represents an especially unstable nation in a volatile region. Learn more about the history of this fascinating country while exploring the consequences of state failure on its citizens, neighbors, and the international community.

Scholars and casual readers alike will be fascinated and entertained by the letters Hemingway wrote during his first years in Paris. Enjoy these gems, sent to the writer’s famous correspondents, as a way of accessing Hemingway’s distinctive style and voice as it developed in the City of Lights.

David Darling's book pays homage to the eccentric pioneers that first lifted humanity into the clouds.

It takes enormous confidence and imagination to invent a life for one of Western Civilizations best known figures. See how successfully Anne Rice draws the early life of Jesus of Nazareth in this novel covering his formative years.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Fast Five Friday: From G8 to G7

The fallout from Russia's annexation of the Ukraine continues, as the Group of Eight (G8) was reduced to the Group of Seven (G7) earlier this week.

Learn more about multinational economic alliances like the G7, the consequences and dangers of states instituting economic sanctions, and the deeply entangled global economy using the following resources.

Click here to access Factiva

Factiva, a news related database, is a great resource for gathering emerging information about current events.

HF 1359 .S54285 2011

Learn more about the intersection of foreign and economic policy from this edition of Shiffman and Jochum's work.

HF 1379 .F559 2007 

No complete understanding of the global economy can be undertaken  knowledge of the past. Use this work to comprehend the modern history of international financial networks.

HF 1359 .H69 2010

When national economies are intertwined, can they be safely leveraged by states to promote human dignity? Howard-Hassman's book wrestles with this complex question.

HF 1359 .H685 2008

Break down the instruments and systems that compose the worldwide economy using this guide.