Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Study Early - Study Late!!

Once again the Alexandria Campus Library will open early and close late to provide additional time to study in the last week of classes and final exams.

For the week of 29 April and 6 May the Library hours will be:

Monday 29 April - Thursday 2 May:  8am - 11pm
Friday 3 May: 8am - 5pm

Saturday 4 May: 9am - 4pm

Monday 6 May - Thursday 9 May: 8am - 11pm
Friday 10 May: 8am - 5pm

Saturday 11 May: 9am - 4pm

Students are invited to enjoy a late-night study break of snacks and soft drinks in the 10pm hour.

Good luck in exams!!

Monday, April 22, 2013

Unity in Diversity

We asked Library users to put a pin on a world map to show where they were from -- results below:

Truly a global community!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

National Library Week 2013

The Alexandria Campus Library celebrates National Library Week April 15 - 20. 

In order to visually demonstrate the breadth and variety of our community, we ask library users to tell us where they are from by placing a pin on a map:

Find some fun facts about Your Library:

Did you know over 170,000 visits are made to this Library each semester?

And that students check out more materials from the Alexandria Campus Library than from any other campus?

The Alexandria Campus Library checks out more Course Reserve items (textbooks) than the libraries at Loudoun, Manassas, the MedicalEd and Woodbridge combined.

Our librarians and library staff have nine masters degrees between them. (and that’s just six people)

The Alexandria Library contains over 70,000 items.
Students searched Proquest over 210,000 times last year.

The Library adds over 2,000 books to the collection per semester.

Librarians teach over 130 classes per semester.

Almost 3,000 students receive research instruction in a classroom setting from campus librarians.

Use of online library resources has increased over 7 times in the last 7 years.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Library Makeover; kick-stools edition

Sometimes it's the all about the small stuff.

When the Alexandria Campus Library opened over 40 years ago it came equipped with a number of kick-stools to help the vertically-challenged reach the books on the top shelves and help the non-vertically-challenged have a temporary seat in the stacks.

Since that time those stools have been well-kicked:

The Library once again would like to thank the Netherton Trust for the funding to replace the old stools with a quantity of brand new ones for both levels (see below):

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Alexandria Campus Celebrates a New Look

Thanks to the generosity of former Alexandria Provost Jean C. Netherton the Alexandria Campus Library was able to replace the existing chairs in student study spaces:

Yes, the old chairs pictured above were literally held together with duct tape, so the new furniture was a very welcome addition.

Thanks to the Jean C. Netherton Memorial Trust the Library was able to completely re-furnish the most heavily-used student spaces (and with over 170,000 visits made to the Library every semester they take a lot of wear and tear!).

In addition to all new lounge chairs in the Library "living room," (above) the Quiet Study Space got new chairs with tablet arms to acccommodate laptops and devices -- as well as books!! (see below

Finally, the Library Instructional Space also got a makeover with new chairs for students learning the finer points of library resarch (below):

Replacing the worn-out, uncomfortabe furniture was a request from the Student Government Association on behalf of all Library users.  Thanks to the Jean C. Netherton Trust for making one of the most heavily-used student spaces on campus conducive to learning and success.