Thursday, May 30, 2013

Happy Birthday Marion

Library Specialist Marion Mirehouse celebrates a birthday – her 80th! Marion’s been at the College for 35 years and as she celebrates EIGHT DECADES we selected some titles reflecting her interests, background, and pass-times.

Ancona, George. POWWOW. E99 C92 A53 1993

Better Homes and Gardens Blue Ribbon Crafts. TT157 B654 1987

Budiansky, Stephen. The Character of Cats. SF446.5 B84 2002

Budiansky, Stephen. The Nature of Horses. SF285 B798 1977

Campbell, Julie. The Horse in Virginia. SF284 U5 C36 2010

Cracknell, Kenneth. Introduction to World Methodism. BX8231 C73 2005

Dubin, Lois. North American Indian Jewelry and Adornment. E98 J48 D83 1999

Dubpos, Laurent. Haiti: The Aftershocks of History. F1921 D83 2012

Ellis, Clyde. A Dancing People: Powwow Culture on the Southern Plains. E98 P86 E55 2003

Fehrenbach, T.R. Lone Star: A History of Texas and the Texans. F386 F4 2000

Great Gifts to Make & Great Ways to Wrap Them. TT157 G635 1998

Hine, Robert. The American West: A New Interpretive History. F591 H662 2000

Innes, Miranda. Traditional Country Crafts. TT157 I565x 2001

Jay, Roni. The Kingdom of the Cat. SF442 J39x 2000

Johnson, Benjamin. Making of the American West. F591 M28 2007

Kirby, James. The Methodists. BX8382.2 A4 K57 1996

McComb, David. Texas: A Modern History. F386 M337 1989

Markin, Bill. How to Fix Just About Everything. TT151 M37 2002

Owings, Alison. Indian Voices: Listening to Native Americans. E98 E85 O85 2011

Penney, David. Art of the American Indian Frontier. E98 A7 A77 1992

Pickeral, Tamsin. The Majesty of the Horse. SF291 P43 2011

Reader’s Digest Illustrated Book of Cats. SF442 R33x 1992

Schuert, Frank. Buffalo Soldiers, Braves and the Brass. F674 F7 S35 1993

Townsend, Richard, ed. Hero, Hawk, and Open Hand. E78 M67 H47 2004

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Happy Birthday Marion!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Congratulations graduates

Learning and Technology Resources would like to congratulate all NOVA students who graduated on Sunday May 19th.  Library faculty turned out in force to honor the graduates:

pictured left-to-right: Kerry Cotter (WO), Tamatha Lambert (LO), Anne Anderson (AL), Matt Todd (AL), Katie Seeler (AL).

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

America's Natural Wonders

Whether it's close to home like Virginia's Natural Bridge (below) or further afield to the Grand Canyon or even Denali National Park on the other side of Canada (i.e. Alaska!) America has many natural wonders to explore and the Alexandria Campus Library has many books to help you do just that -- whether you'll be taking a road trip or spending the summer as an arm-chair tourist.  Check out one of these titles.

Bauer, Erwin A.  Denali: the wild beauty of Denali National Park.  QH105.A4 B38 2000

Breining, Greg.  Super volcano: the ticking time bomb beneath Yellowstone National Park.  QE524 .B74 2007

Bryson, Bill.  A walk in the woods: rediscovering America on the Appalachian Trail.  F106 .B92 1998

Duncan, Dayton.  The national parks: America's best idea: an illustrated history.  SB482.A4 D85 2009

Dunn, Jerry Camarillo.  The Rocky Mountain States.  F721 .D86 1989

Fishbein, Seymour L.  Yellowstone country: the enduring wonder.  F722 .F57 1989

Franke, Mary Ann.  To save the wild bison: life on the edge in Yellowstone.  QL737.U53 F73 2005

Ghiglieri, Michael Patrick.  Canyon.  F788 .G45 1992

Horgan, Paul.  Great River: the Rio Grande in North American history.  F392.R5 H65 1991

How the Earth was made. The complete season two.  DVD QE501.H728432x 2010

Jaffe, Andrew.  Alaska--Southeast to McKinley.  F902.3 .J34 1986

Klett, Mark.  Yosemite in time: ice ages, tree clocks, ghost rivers.  F868.Y6 K55 2005

McNeese, Tim.  The Mississippi River.  F351 .M17 2004

McNeese, Tim.  The Rio Grande.  F392.R5 M39 2005

McNeese, Tim.  The Yukon River.  F912.Y9 M38 2005

Madden, Ryan.  Alaska.  F904 .M33 2005

National parks collection.  E160 .N3236x 2009

Powell, John Wesley.  Down the Colorado; diary of the first trip through the Grand Canyon, 1869. F788 .P886 1969

Powell, James Lawrence.  Grand Canyon: solving Earth's grandest puzzle.  QE86.G73 P68 2005

Schullery, Paul.  America’s National Parks: The spectacular forces that shaped our treasured lands. E160.A5794 2001

Wallace, Robert.  The Grand Canyon.  F788.W23

Winckler, Suzanne.  The Great Lakes states.  F551 .W56 1989

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

End of Term

The entire campus breathed a sigh of relief on Monday 13 May when the last Final Exam concluded, term came to an end, intersession began (no classes!!) and the College turned thoughts to Graduation on Sunday the 19th.

The last two weeks were busy ones in the Library as students finished final papers and projects and studied for final exams.  Because of the closure of the Tyler Building, several final were actually given in the Library!

From April 29 through May 10 the Library opened half an hour early and closed an hour late to provide more time for students to study, conduct research, seek assistance from library staff, use Course Reserve materials (textbooks!!), copy and print.

127 students used the Library before 8.30am and 335 stayed after 10pm for a grand total of 462 students using the Library at times it would otherwise be closed.

Lemonade, iced tea and sweet & savory snacks were also served as a study break toward the end of the evening.

Extended hours are made possible by the willingness of Library staff to re-arrange their schedules: come in early, go home late or cover extra shifts during "normal" hours.   

Thursday, May 02, 2013

O'Hagan wins Netherton Award!

Congratulations to Library Specialist Kevin O'Hagan on winning the Jean C Netherton Award for Excellence in Service to the Campus.  The award was presented by Campus Council Vice-Chair Matt Todd and Alexandria Provost Dr Ron Buchanan on Thursday 2 May.

Kevin joins the roll-call of Library Netherton Winners (above) l-r: Bruce Carroll (2010), Marion Mirehouse (1990 -- the award looked a little different back then!), Matt Todd (2009), Kevin O'Hagan (2013), Kim Gross (2012).

The Library also sends a shout-out to our dean, Frances Villagran-Glover, who won for Administrative Faculty!