Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Why is it so HOT in here?

And what's up with all the big fans?

The Alexandria Campus is replacing the air-conditioning system in Bisdorf Phase I (the wing of the Bisdorf Building in which the Library is located).

This work includes asbestos abatement as well as mechanical work and valve replacement. For everyone's safety and wellbeing, the air-conditioning (including all ventilation & blowers) must be switched off.

This occurred at the end of spring break. The result: it has become very warm in the Library very quickly.

(why does this happen? There are no windows that open in the Library and no doors to the outside, so directing outside air in is almost impossible. Also computers, photocopy machines and printers all give off heat. Bodies give off heat. And the Library has two two-storey walls of windows, which give us a beautiful view and lots of light but also creates a greenhouse effect, especially when it's sunny outside).

Large pedestal fans have been brought into the Library to help move the air and keep the temperature down. These fans are noisy, but they definitely help!

Also please be aware that many computer labs and computer classrooms had to be closed for the duration of the work. This will affect computer availability on campus. While Library computers continue to be available, you may experience some waiting time to access one.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spring Break Extreme Makeover

What happened over Spring Break? The Library was completely repainted (the first time some parts of the Library had been repainted in over 30 years!). The previous tan/ beige wall color was replaced by brilliant white. Some of the columns on the lower level and the trim throughout the Library was also freshened up.

Having the painting crew in the Library necessitated a 2-day closure during Spring Break. We hope the new, fresh spaces in the Library was worth the wait!

Library staff also completed some much needed shifting in the Reference collection.

Come in and check out our New Look!

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Library Extreme Makeover -- Spring Break Hours

Maybe not an extreme makeover, but a much-needed freshening up of the interior paint in the Library will take place over Spring Break.

Library hours for March 9-15 are:

Monday-Wednesday, March 9-11 8:30am – 7:30pm
Thursday-Sunday, March 12-15 Closed

Some areas of the library may be inaccessible Monday-Wednesday.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Budget Cuts...

...or where are all the new books?

According to NOVA president Robert Templin, Library purchases have been cut by over $200,000 in 2008-09. What this means for Your campus Library is a significant reduction in the number of new monograph books the Library will be able to acquire this semester.

The Library continues its commitment to online resources, including full-text newspaper, magazine and journal articles, as well as fine art images, selected reference books, and full-text Information Technology Titles (see library databases to access these online resources in such databases as ProQuest, JSTOR, ArtStor, Gale Virtual Reference Library, Oxford Reference Online, and Safari Books). Online resources are available from every campus computer and also accessible from home (off-campus users will need NovaConnect user name and password to access online library resources).

The Library will continue to receive a very small number of new print titles (books) as well as print periodicals (magazines and journals).
Of course, the Library continues to provide computer access, Library and Research instruction rto individuals and classes, printing and photocopying services, course Reserves, group study facilities, Popular Reading and Feature Films (DVD and VHS), VCR & DVD viewing, quiet study, and wireless internet access.