Thursday, February 28, 2008

Anne Anderson - Library Photography Star!

Anne Anderson (Reference & Instruction Librarian) won an 'Honorable Mention' in Virginia Wildlife magazine's annual photo contest. Anne's photo of a water lily was taken at Huntley Meadows:

Congratulations Anne!

Next year we expect a First Place!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Other Alexandria Library

Some of our readers discover our blog while looking for information about the Great Library of Alexandria, once a great center of learning in the ancient world. The Library was destroyed in somewhat mysterious circumstances -- traditionally the destruction of the Great Library is attributed to Julius Caesar, but other possible suspects include early Christians or Muslims.

Remains of the Great Library were recently discovered by archaeologists.
In 1998 a new library, the Biblioteca Alexandria, was opened. The BA includes space for 1 million volumes (current collection is about half of that), exhibit space, a planetarium, an Internet center, chidlren's museum and auditoria.

Thanks for visiting the Alexandria Campus Library at Northern Virginia Community College. While we may not possess one million volumes or a collection of Mediterranean antiquities, we're glad you found us online.

Feel free to contact one of our librarians if we can be of further assistance.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Books for Lit Critters and other Humanities Types

A few new books from Literature, Philosophy & History.

Nutall, AD. Shakespeare the Thinker. PR3000 N88 2007

Baldwin, James. If Beale Street Could Talk. PS3552 A45 I4 2006

Lihamba, Amndina. Women Writing in Africa: The Eastern Region. PL8014 E22 W66 2007

Russel, Bertrand. The Basic Writings. B1649 R91 E38 1992

Geldard, Richard. The Essential Transcendentalists. B905 E87 2005

Ferriss, Suzanne. Chick Lit: The New Woman's Fiction. PS374 W6 C48 2006

Moser, Paul. The Theory of Knowledge. BD161 M8485 1998

Plato. The Laws. JC71 P2633 2004

Ruggiero, Vincent. The Art of Thinking. BF441 R84 2007

Wilson, Ben. Decency and Disorder: The Age of Cant 1789-1837. DA520 W54 2007

Check out these and more new books in Your Library today!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Library Tour hits the Web!

It is now possible to take on online tour of the Alexandria Campus Library. In just eight fun-filled and informative minutes, Reference Librarian Anne Anderson and Library Specialist Brandee Worsham take Library users through the paces for checking out books, printing and copying, adding money to your NovaCard, using course reserves, configuring laptops, and finding quiet places (or not so quiet places!) to study. Check out the tour from the Library Homepage or visit the tour directly:

Monday, February 04, 2008

What's that smell?

Ever wonder about the aroma in the corner of the library near the windows? It's the corn plant in bloom!

Dracaena fragrans or corn plant is an old-fashioned house plant with glossy green leaves and fragrant (!) blossoms. The Library's corn plants bloom several times per year. (for those who think the corn plants perfume is more stinky than succulent, it only blooms at night!)

LexisNexis comes to the Library!

The NOVA Libraries are happy to announce the acquisition of LexisNexis
Academic. This database provides access to over 5 billion searchable
documents from news, business and legal sources. LexisNexis Academic
joins two other products, LexisNexis Congressional and LexisNexis
Statistical to provide NOVA users with unparalleled access to full-text
online resources. Use LexisNexis to find national and international news,
law reviews, Supreme Court and other cases, U.S. Legislation, company
financial and industry information as well as a wide range of statistical
tables. Visit your campus library today to learn more or explore LexisNexis
from the Library home page: