Saturday, November 19, 2005

40 -- and better than ever!

Northern Virginia Community College turned 40 in November. And the Library celebrated with an archival display including College Catalogs, Yearbooks, Literary Contest Winners, the Oral History of the College and more (even including the Belle Wheelan bell!). The Library also featured archival articles from the Collective (now the Student Voice), Alexandria Campus's student newspaper.

Join the Campus and College in celebrating 40 years of excellence in education: yesterday, today and tomorrow!

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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Going to the Chapel

Library staff have been getting married (but not to each other!) and going to weddings.

Library Specialist Brandee Chapman married Zee Worsham in October. Congratulations, Brandee!

And Collection Development Librarian Matt Todd went to Britain to read the lesson for friends who got married in a Scottish wedding:

Matt's the one in the kilt on the left!

Library Mini Tours

In the fall semester the Library conducted several "mini-tours", so that people new to the Library, or even people who had been using the Library for many years, would have a chance to experience some informal "sight-seeing" guided by a member of staff. The mini tours promised to teach each person who took them something they did not previously know about the Library (and seem to have succeeded) , and each person going on a tour was entered into a prize drawing. And the winners are (clockwise: Kirubeal Mandefro, Nina Hughes, Zahra Arif):

Winners received gift certificates for music downloads or books.