Thursday, December 15, 2005

Holiday Book Sale

On Wednesday 14 December the Library conducted a book sale outside the cafeteria. The Library accepts donations of books and other materials throughout the year. Titles that directly support the campus curriculum are added to the collection. All other titles are sold, either in the on-going book sale just inside the front doors of the Library, or in periodic book sale events held at the "Y" on the lower level. All money raised from the book sale supports the materials budget, and so purchases books that enhance the Library's collection and support the campus curriculum. The holiday book sale raised over $120 for the Library materials budget.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Open Early -- Open Late!!

The Library offers extended hours from Dec 5th - Dec 15th to help students studying for and taking exams. Mondays through Thursdays in the last week of classes and the week of exams will see the library open early at 8am and close late at 11pm. During the evening hours the library also serves "Open Late Study Break" for library users cramming into the night. Students enjoyed coffees, hot chocolate, and tea, served in the Circulation area (above) during the evening hours. Appreciative students burning the midnight oil expressed thanks to library staff for keeping the Library OPEN EARLY and OPEN LATE.

Good luck to all who are taking exams!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Had Enough?

James Carville, who the Chronicle of Higher Education dubbed the Ragin' Cajun, has been guest lecturing at the Alexandria Campus this fall semester. If you missed out on his Honors Class, you can still catch up with Carville's trenchant analysis of politics and current events. Just check out one of his books from YOUR Library.

Or, spend some quality time with other new titles from the Library. See a selection of new acquisitions, including the confessions of an Ivy League call-girl; a history of Daylight Savings time; tips on how to organize everything from desk drawers to political coups; an introduction to Islam; the development of the sports network ESPN and MORE: