Thursday, May 30, 2013

Happy Birthday Marion

Library Specialist Marion Mirehouse celebrates a birthday – her 80th! Marion’s been at the College for 35 years and as she celebrates EIGHT DECADES we selected some titles reflecting her interests, background, and pass-times.

Ancona, George. POWWOW. E99 C92 A53 1993

Better Homes and Gardens Blue Ribbon Crafts. TT157 B654 1987

Budiansky, Stephen. The Character of Cats. SF446.5 B84 2002

Budiansky, Stephen. The Nature of Horses. SF285 B798 1977

Campbell, Julie. The Horse in Virginia. SF284 U5 C36 2010

Cracknell, Kenneth. Introduction to World Methodism. BX8231 C73 2005

Dubin, Lois. North American Indian Jewelry and Adornment. E98 J48 D83 1999

Dubpos, Laurent. Haiti: The Aftershocks of History. F1921 D83 2012

Ellis, Clyde. A Dancing People: Powwow Culture on the Southern Plains. E98 P86 E55 2003

Fehrenbach, T.R. Lone Star: A History of Texas and the Texans. F386 F4 2000

Great Gifts to Make & Great Ways to Wrap Them. TT157 G635 1998

Hine, Robert. The American West: A New Interpretive History. F591 H662 2000

Innes, Miranda. Traditional Country Crafts. TT157 I565x 2001

Jay, Roni. The Kingdom of the Cat. SF442 J39x 2000

Johnson, Benjamin. Making of the American West. F591 M28 2007

Kirby, James. The Methodists. BX8382.2 A4 K57 1996

McComb, David. Texas: A Modern History. F386 M337 1989

Markin, Bill. How to Fix Just About Everything. TT151 M37 2002

Owings, Alison. Indian Voices: Listening to Native Americans. E98 E85 O85 2011

Penney, David. Art of the American Indian Frontier. E98 A7 A77 1992

Pickeral, Tamsin. The Majesty of the Horse. SF291 P43 2011

Reader’s Digest Illustrated Book of Cats. SF442 R33x 1992

Schuert, Frank. Buffalo Soldiers, Braves and the Brass. F674 F7 S35 1993

Townsend, Richard, ed. Hero, Hawk, and Open Hand. E78 M67 H47 2004

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Happy Birthday Marion!

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