Thursday, April 26, 2007

Excerpts from the Suggestion Book Archives

Ralph Nader and Not-So-Hot Topics:

3650. I have a serious problem. Every time I go to DC I get lost or end up wasting hours of my life that I could be using for having a meaningful relationship. I guess the point of this: why don’t you carry Ralph Nader’s new book. Is there a vast conspiracy for the ideals of logic to be blocked from the common man’s thought? Yours forever, lost on DC.
We answered: Because of the budget crisis Virginia is currently experiencing, the Library has NO book budget and has been unable to purchase ANY materials.
[2007 - we think this refers to Ralph Nader’s 2002 book Crashing the Party: Taking on the Corporate Government in an Age of Surrender which the Library DID eventually purchase when the budget crisis was resolved. The book is located at E889 N33 2002]
3653. I really don’t think “Child Abuse” is a Hot Topic???
We answered: Some of our Hot Topics selections are light-hearted, such as the one we did on holidays, while others are more serious. Child abuse clearly falls in the later category, and was selected as a Hot Topic because of recent new reports about the abuse of children by priests. It’s not a pleasant topic, but since it was a topic frequently in the news these past few weeks, we pulled out related books for anyone doing research on the topic or who might want more information.
[for an overview of recent and not-so-recent Hot Topics all the way back to 2003, visit our Hot Topics page:]

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