Tuesday, April 10, 2007

More Reminiscences from the Suggestion Book

3609 (April 2000). I am frustrated by the lack of change available. Several times I’ve had just a $10 or $20 bill & would like to make copies. Last time I had to leave the Library and ask 14 people before I could get any change. This is ridiculous.
We answered: unlike a bank, we are unable to keep the amount of money on hand that would be necessary to provide change for those larger bills. We do, however, have a change machine that will give you dimes for one and five dollar bills…
[by 2007 – thanks to the great success of our ongoing and special Library book sales, we are now able to make change at most times. In addition, change is generally available from the Parking Office. It is also now possible to make copies using your NOVACard – so if you keep some $$ on your card you never need change!]

3616. (2000) Please have scantron sheets available at this Library. It would help night students a lot not having to go to the book store to buy them.
We answered: Please remember that the Library’s primary mission is to provide Library and information related services… quite simply we cannot provide Scantrons or other school supplies for purchase in the Library because we do not have the resources to do so.
[by 2007 – we heard you! What a great suggestion. Although the Library’s primary mission (the provision of research and information services) has not changed, we are now able to provide limited supplies for sale in the Library, such as blue books and scantrons. Cost for these $1. Thanks to the Library staff for being flexible and creative to work out a solution to this need]

3734. (April 2003) Is there a plan to expand the Library and/or its collection?
Hate to compare you guys, but Annandale really has a better Library.
We answered: I’m sorry you couldn’t find what you needed at the Alexandria Campus. You are correct that Annandale has a larger Library – in size, amount of shelf space and number of books. We hope to increase both the Library size and bookshelf space as part of the Phase III renovation of the Bisdorf Building. Please do speak to a librarian about your topic – we can often suggest other subject headings or different ways of approaching a topic that will lead to materials you may not have found in your initial search.
[Good news in 2007: the Alexandria Campus Library collection is expanding! Although we are limited to some extent by finite space and funds, we have been committed to seeing our collection grow. In 2005 we installed new shelving to accommodate more books, and we have more resources now than ever before. You might also be interested to know that the Alexandria campus Library checks out more books than any other campus Library (even Annandale, which has a larger collection). Every year the Alexandria Campus Library circulates about 1/3 of the total books checked out from all 6 campus libraries. More good news: Phase III construction began in Jan ’07, so we hope to see some more space for books as the campus expands]

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