Friday, April 20, 2007

More excerpts from the Suggestion Book Archives

We received 38 complaints about inadequate computing facilities: not enough computers, computers that were out of order, or computers with limited functionality, like this one:
3476. We need to dedicate at least one terminal to just the Library’s catalog.
We answered: We agree and within the next few weeks should have 4 computers that only have the catalog on them.
[was this a good solution the Library’s computer shortage? In 2007 all the Library’s computers are full-service, with the catalog, databases, as well as internet and MS Office]

3629. Just a suggestion to be able to access the floppy drive from the computers here in the Library.. and word processing.
We answered: I do understand and recognize how convenient it would be to have some computers in the Library set aside for accessing floppies and word processing. The resources we currently have, though, only allow us to provide resources that fulfill our Library mission.
[more strides forward by 2007. Library staff work hard to balance the Library’s commitment to research and information with student needs for computing, word processing and holistic academic support services. In 2003, through some creative space use, the Library added “Cyberspace”, a computer area within the Library offering email, word processing and printing as well as internet access and access to Library resources. In 2005 the Library converted all its computers to full-service, with email, the MS Office suite, floppy, CD and flash drives enabled, internet, email, as well as Library resources].

or this one from 1997:

3468. Please consider moving the computers in the Commonwealth Classroom (AA327) into the Library. To date I have spent over $3000 on this school and that is not enough to pay for a fraction of that lab! Right now it is a waste of space, money and my time!
We answered: We understand and to a large degree share your frustration. The Commonwealth Classroom was funded for the purpose of providing specifically for Library and/or internet instruction. There are 12 computer workstations in the classroom (the same number as in the Library). You may not realize that there are no printers in the Classroom and since it is not possible to download to a disk the usefulness of the computers for extensive research is limited… Over Spring Break we plan to make the Classroom a part of the Library, as you suggest, by creating an entrance into it from the Library’s upper level and building a wall between the classroom and the Testing area.
[in 2007 there are now 24 computers in the classroom, as well as a printer, and it is now possible to download to a disk! We’ve come a long way, baby! The classroom is still used for Library instruction as well as some credit instruction and the one-credit Library course LBR110.
There are now 43 computers in the Library and TWO laser printers]

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