Thursday, April 19, 2007

Happy 30th Birthday to the Library Suggestion Book!

Please Join the Alexandria Campus Library staff in celebrating the 30th Birthday of the Suggestion Book. For 3 decades the Suggestion Book has provided a valuable venue for feedback from Library users and a pre-digital format for conversation and interaction between Library staff and Library users.

Some of the suggestions are timely, some critical, some complaining, some commending, some reflect the spirit of the times, and all open a window into the development of Library services over 30 years.

The Alexandria Library would like to thank all its past, present and future users for 30 years of suggestions.

We're especially thankful when someone takes the time to let us know when we're doing a good job. 16 people wrote with nice things to say like this:

3473. Speaking as an adult student, I have been pleasantly surprised by the staff at the NVCC-AL Library – I’ve only found helpful, competent service each time I’ve asked a question or was in search of materials.
3634. This is the best college Library I have ever seen!
3741. This Library is the best. I want to thank all the Library staff here.
We answered: Thank you for your nice comments about our Library and staff! I’ve shared what you wrote with the rest of the staff! It’s always great news to hear that people had a good experience here and found what they needed. We appreciate your taking the time to let us know.
3779. Thank you for the new computers!
3787. Thanks a lot for increasing the library hours during exam time!!
3805. Alexandria Library is awesome! Go Alexandria!
3809 (December 2006): I’d like to thank everyone in the Alexandria Library for being so wonderful especially during these days having tea & coffee & cookies for students and staying late til 11pm is a great treat for us!

Gee thanks! And Happy National Library Week!

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