Thursday, April 05, 2007

More Excerpts from the Suggestion Book Archives

3445: (October 1996) There isn’t anyone who works in the Library that knows how the computers work. I’ve gotten an “I don’t know” answer more than any help. Someone needs some training.
We answered: Keeping up with changing technologies has been and continues to be a challenge for the Library Staff. We agree that ideally all staff members should receive training in the use of equipment before it is in the public area. Unfortunately this is not always possible and we are learning on the job as we assist others…
[it is still true 11 years later that staff still struggle to keep pace with radically changing technology and often need to learn on the job. Luckily, we have a crack team of tech and computer wizards in the Open Computer Center in AA 155. As always, Library staff are here to help you with your research and study needs. If you need computer or technical assistance, please visit the staff in the OCC]

3446. (October 1996) Please subscribe to the music magazine called “Vibe” which is published by Quincy Jones the famous musician. This magazine offers a wide variety of current music news, such as new releases, artist bios, musical event listings, current affairs (music) and much, much more. This mag covers R&B, Hip Hop and Soul. Let’s encourage diversity in music for all music lovers.
We answered: Thanks for your recommendation. We always welcome suggestions for improving our collection and agree that we should “encourage diversity in music for all music lovers.”
[2007 AL Library now subscribes to “VIBE” – check the periodicals area for the latest edition]

3456. How about getting a collection of “farewell songs” to play (alternating them) at closing. The “Sound of Music” one is cute but gets old after several days in a row.
We answered: Good idea! But can you suggest an appropriate song?
[in 2007 the Library plays “Closing Time”, “Goodnight Sweetheart”, “Go Now” & “Baby it’s cold outside,” and sometimes even "So Long, Farewell" from the Sound of Music]

3458. Today Tues 21st 1996 I used the “Science” database for the 1st time and I LOVE IT!! I got 3 articles for my Bio paper on hippos. I’m glad we have it available at NVCC.
We answered: Yes, the SCIENCE database is an excellent source for information on biology and other sciences.
[available from the Library database page:]

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