Wednesday, April 25, 2007

More woes from the Suggestion Book Archives

Shoes seemed to be a big concern for Suggestion Book correspondents in the 1990s:

3441. The magazine reading area is for reading and quiet relaxation. I find it rude and unacceptable to see students with their shoes/ boots on, lounging or sleeping on the couches.
We answered: We agree that people should not use this area to sleep. If the person is taking up needed space – or snoring loudly and disturbing others – contact a librarian and he/she will speak to the person.
[at least these folks have their shoes ON! And people still sleep in the magazine area]

3518. ( February 1998) I would like to know why the carpet in the Library is so old that I was about to choke from the smell.
We answered: Believe it or not, the carpeting was cleaned during Christmas break and is not as old as it looks – it was installed 5-6 years ago.
[New carpet was installed in the Library in 1999. We don’t think it smells]

["Midnight plum" -- the new library carpet from 1999]

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