Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Excerpts from the Suggestion Book Archives

Many suggestions ask about library hours, services, conditions, equipment or collections:

3425. (June 1996) Are we ever going to get proper student ID’s with our picture on it? These Library cards that are supposed to be our student ID’s are ridiculous…
We answered: You are not the first to write a complaint about student IDs in the Suggestion Book! I’ll forward your comments to the Dean of Students…
[We finally got photo IDs in 2002]

3428. I thought you would like to know that someone should realize that the computer “mice” are in need of repair! I noticed at least 3 computers with mice that wouldn’t move! I’m sure if they were opened and cleaned the problem could be taken care of. Your mice are sick! Save them! Save them! Save them! Signed, a proud graduate of NOVA
We answered: Thanks for bringing the plight of the sick mice to our attention. The doctor was called and, with the exception of one terminally ill case, all should be in good health (and working order).

3435. Please turn the A/C down during colder evenings. Please. I have 2 t-shirts & a sweatshirt & it is impossible to study.
We Answered: Unfortunately, we have no control over the temperature in the Library… The temperature in the Library – in fact in all areas of the building – is unpredictable and uneven. We advise everyone to come dressed in layers which can be removed or added as needed.
[and temperature is still unpredictable and uneven in ’07!]

3436. Please note for group study there is no place. In order to avoid distracting other students, at least a small area of group study is necessary.
We answered: One group study area, located in the corner next to the reference section, is small but in our limited space we can’t expand it any further.
[we created a new group study space, behind Cyberspace in ’03]

3438. The computer printers are very loud and piercing. Does NOVA have it in its budget to get “quiet” printers?
We answered: We agree – our printers are noisy and when several are running at the same time they create a real disturbance. Unfortunately, our budget does not cover the cost of new ones so we’ll have to live with the noise.
[this refers to dot-matrix printers. The Library replaced these with laser printers – and also a pay printing system!]

3439. Can we students send and receive email to the teachers and friends form the computers in the Library? How?
In the 1990s we answered: Sorry, but email is not available (to send or receive) on the internet in the Library.
[that was then, this is now: in 2007 email, as well as Microsoft office products, are available on all Library computers]

3444. The Library should open earlier than it does. It should be available for people to use before their class time.
3532. Your hours should be after 10pm. Maybe all night long.
In the 1990s we answered: We know there is a demand for longer hours – there have been many requests in this book for opening earlier, closing later, and extending our weekend hours. Unfortunately we simply do not have the staff to keep the Library open any longer than it is presently.
[ In response to several comments like these, in 2007 the Library opens at 8.30am Monday through Friday and closes at 10pm M – Th, and keeps hours from 9am – 4pm on Sat. In recent years, with the voluntary cooperation of staff who are willing to come early and stay late, the Library has been able to offer extended hours in the last week of classes and during final exam week: opening early at 8am and closing late at 11pm]

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