Wednesday, March 05, 2014

"Raucous" the Vote: Your Alexandria Campus Library Celebrates Women's History Month

Since 1987 the month of March has been designated by the United States Congress as Women’s History Month. This month is meant to educate citizens about the contributions of American women to the political and social life of the nation, and to more fully integrate the narratives of women into the teaching and understanding of American history as a whole. 

Alice Paul, women's suffrage activist, on her way to a protest

Your Alexandria Campus Library is observing Women’s History Month with a display that highlights the long and difficult struggle American women went through to earn full citizenship and voting rights. 

Many leaders in the women's suffrage movement were imprisoned in D.C. and Northern Virginia

American women only received the right to vote in 1920 when the US Congress ratified the 19th Amendment to the constitution, after a prolonged and bitter battle against equally passionate opponents.

 See some of the more bizarre reasons given for opposing women's suffrage

So come to the library and peruse the women’s history and suffrage display to learn more about the remarkable people and events that expanded and extended the American definition of full citizenship. For a list of items in the Alexandria Campus library on women's suffrage, click here.

For more information on events being held in the D.C. area to commemorate Women’s History Month, check here.

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