Thursday, March 13, 2014

Come Get “Vegucated” at YOUR Alexandria Campus Library

Have you ever been curious about what it is like to adopt a vegan lifestyle? Do you ever wonder about the benefits and drawbacks of eating a plant-based diet? Do you have questions about how humanely animals are treated in the American farm and slaughterhouse system?

The Alexandria Campus Library, in partnership with a coalition of Vegetarian/Vegan Alexandria Campus students, is hosting a screening of the 2011 documentary Vegucated. This work addresses some critical questions about the American diet and food consumption habits from the vegan perspective. Billed by the movie’s director as “part sociological perspective and part adventure comedy,” Vegucated covers the journey of three non-vegetarians New-Yorkers as they struggle to embrace a totally plant-based diet.

So come join library staff and Alexandria campus community members on Thursday, March 20th in on the upper floor of the library to learn more about the philosophy and practice of this lifestyle.  The movie begins at 4 pm in Room 327. Vegan snacks and prizes will be provided to participants after the viewing.

Link here for a list of vegan related resources

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