Friday, March 07, 2014

Fast Five Friday: Russia and West Clash over Ukraine

The situation in Ukraine has continued to dominate the news, and prompt many questions about the role Russia envisions for itself in the 21st century. Read more about Russia’s leader, US-Russia relations, and how American politicians feel about the Ukrainian situation using these five resources.

DK 290.3 .P87 P974 2000
Ever wonder about Vladimir Putin’s journey from Soviet school boy to the Russian prime minister? Read Putin’s spin on his own biography using this resource.

DK510.766.P87 R69 2012
Read about the influence of Putin’s forceful personality on Russia’s domestic and international agenda in this work by journalist Angus Roxburgh.

DK510.763 .P88 2007
Do you wonder about how Putin’s policy positions and political philosophy are shaping Russian and the former Soviet states?  Use this scholarly anthology to probe the complexities of the modern Russian government.

E 183.8 S3835 2010
The United States and Russia have enjoyed a complicated relationship in the post-World War era. Learn more about the diplomatic history of these two powerful nations using Saul’s expansive reference resource.

Click here to access Proquest Congressional Publications
 Politician in both Washington and Moscow have been using  increasingly heated rhetoric about the role Russia is playing in international affairs. Use Proquest Congressional Publications to discover what your elected officials are saying about Russia in Congressional legislation, hearings, and reports.

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