Monday, March 31, 2014

New Books At YOUR Alexandria Campus Library: 3-31-2014

It is our favorite time of the week at the library, the day that we release our new books to the public. Take it away, Maria!

How the staff reacts to our new acquisitions

This week’s highlights include...

Spend an afternoon with Olivia Laing's clear-eyed look at the often bleary-eyed relationship between American writers and alcohol.

Yemen represents an especially unstable nation in a volatile region. Learn more about the history of this fascinating country while exploring the consequences of state failure on its citizens, neighbors, and the international community.

Scholars and casual readers alike will be fascinated and entertained by the letters Hemingway wrote during his first years in Paris. Enjoy these gems, sent to the writer’s famous correspondents, as a way of accessing Hemingway’s distinctive style and voice as it developed in the City of Lights.

David Darling's book pays homage to the eccentric pioneers that first lifted humanity into the clouds.

It takes enormous confidence and imagination to invent a life for one of Western Civilizations best known figures. See how successfully Anne Rice draws the early life of Jesus of Nazareth in this novel covering his formative years.

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