Friday, March 28, 2014

Fast Five Friday: From G8 to G7

The fallout from Russia's annexation of the Ukraine continues, as the Group of Eight (G8) was reduced to the Group of Seven (G7) earlier this week.

Learn more about multinational economic alliances like the G7, the consequences and dangers of states instituting economic sanctions, and the deeply entangled global economy using the following resources.

Click here to access Factiva

Factiva, a news related database, is a great resource for gathering emerging information about current events.

HF 1359 .S54285 2011

Learn more about the intersection of foreign and economic policy from this edition of Shiffman and Jochum's work.

HF 1379 .F559 2007 

No complete understanding of the global economy can be undertaken  knowledge of the past. Use this work to comprehend the modern history of international financial networks.

HF 1359 .H69 2010

When national economies are intertwined, can they be safely leveraged by states to promote human dignity? Howard-Hassman's book wrestles with this complex question.

HF 1359 .H685 2008

Break down the instruments and systems that compose the worldwide economy using this guide.

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