Tuesday, April 29, 2014

New Books at YOUR Alexandria Campus Library: 4-29-14 Edition

It’s that new book time at YOUR Alexandria Campus library.

This means that Lupita, Pharell and all the library staff are especially HAPPY to highlight some of the best new titles for our patrons.

The answer to the title question should be obvious, but do not let it prevent you from picking up Hutchinson's entertaining book about the process of drafting laws to adapt to societies' changing needs.

This beautifully designed primer on graphic communication is meant to instruct readers on the use of dynamic visual tools to convey messages quickly and effectively.

Every passionate reader has a work that functions as a touchstone in their lives and for Rebecca Mead that novel is Middlemarch. This memoir touches on what it means to be a reader and how our relationships to books can challenge, transform, and comfort us.

The human-rights activists and social provocateurs of the Pussy Riot collective have gone to great lengths and risked much to bring national and international attention to the repressive inner workings of the Russian political system. Read about what motivates these women in this profile by Russia-based journalist Masha Gessen.

Robert Hofler explains how counter-culture artists of the late sixties and early seventies confronted repressive societal standards with their work to usher in an era of unprecedented sexual and personal freedom in the US and UK.

This important book, about race and privileged, is a call to arms for all folks to challenge and change an unjust social system that arbitrarily benefits some while oppressing others.

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