Friday, May 02, 2014

Fast Five Friday: Finals Week Magazine Edition

It's finally here: finals week. YOUR Alexandria Campus Library Staff knows how busy our patrons are with final projects and exam preparation. Might we suggest some respite in the form of glossy magazines? These popular reading resources are perfect for a brief break as are they image heavy and designed to entertain.

Your Alexandria Campus library maintains subscriptions to popular magazines of many types. These titles can be found in plastic organizers on the shelves nearest the group study rooms.

Here is a brief highlight of some magazine titles perfect for curling up and escaping with:

Men of style (and their fans), take note. Gentlemen's Quarterly is your go-to resource for fashion and life-style advice.

Want to imagine a world in which wearing a sculptural couture doily is a valid and celebrated choice? Then Harper's Bazaar is your jam.

People magazine will satisfy if keeping up with celebrities is your guilty pleasure, but you need some human interest stories in the mix to assuage your guilt.

Rolling Stone is one of the most enduring veterans of the music and entertainment genre for a reason: the wonderful photography, the detailed artists’ profiles, and the quality of its investigative journalism.

Sports Illustrated is the premier American source for smart sports journalism and pushing the definition of swimwear passed its logical boundary.

So weary patrons, come take refuge in YOUR Alexandria campus library and check out our magazine offerings.

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