Friday, April 11, 2014

New Books at YOUR Alexandria Campus Library: 4-11-14 Edition

Take it, DeStorm!
We've just rolled out our latest batch of new books. Here are some of the titles the staff is most excited by:

Friends, Romans, Countryman lend us your eyes. Read Richard's compelling case for why Rome still controls a vast cultural empire.

Robert Gates served as a war-time Secretary of Defense under our two most recent presidents. Pore over his account of his time at the helm of the globe's most dominant military and within the circle of the world's most powerful men.

Can art change the world? De Boton and Armstrong think it can be an instructive force for good that is capable of showing viewers how to manage and overcome the conflict, vagaries, and confusion of everyday life.

Cormac McCarthy's dark and thought provoking novels have been successfully adapted for the screen. Read what happened when the novelist cut out the middle-men, and authored this original screenplay for director Ridley Scott.

Read this coming of age story by novelist Dana Johnson for the unique and engaging voice of its heroine, Avery Arlington. Praised for the veracity of its characters and setting, Johnson's book is an enjoyable journey through contemporary L.A.

Lillian Hellman was an accomplished writer but was almost universally loathed by her contemporaries. Author Alice Kessler-Harris takes on Hellman's legend, and uses historians' tools to draw a more complete picture of one of America's most unique personalities.

A former slave in the fractious Kansas territories conceals his true identity from firebrand abolitionist John Brown in this highly original novel by James Brown. Read this book for one of the freshest re-imaginings of the historic raid on Harper's Ferry.

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