Tuesday, April 22, 2014

New Books At YOUR Alexandria Campus Library: 4-22-14 Edition

Once again it is new book time at YOUR Alexandria Campus Library. We're all as pleased as punch as new books give us all a case of the

Here are some of the highlights from our latest group of titles.

Learn about the fascinating ways our individual disease fighting genes work to help us find mates, reproduce, and make personal decisions in this book by immunologist Daniel Davis.

This detailed and practical guide dispenses authoritative information about planning and executing successful tabletop and computer games.

Read about the fascinating and disturbing ways pregnancy is depicted in Hollywood films in philosopher Kelly Oliver's book.

Gil Reavill tells the curious tale of state trooper Edgar D. Croswell serendipitous discovery of a mob meeting in rural New York, and recounts how Croswell's discovery began a policy of robust mafia prosecutions by the Kennedy administration.

Randell Feezell uses the frame of sports to probe important philosophical questions. Explore his case for how athletics can teach participants and fans how to live meaningful, ethical, and compassionate lives.

After receiving this question from her 8 year old daughter during the 2008 election, author feminist Mariane Schnall set out to find an answer by interviewing a diverse range of American thinkers.

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