Tuesday, October 07, 2014

New Books at YOUR Alexandria Campus Library: No Place to Hide from Our Book Enthusiasm Edition

YOUR Alexandria Campus Library is always getting new books, and we want you to share in our excitement as these freshly processed books take their maiden voyages on our shelves.

Don't like new books? Sorry, we can't be friends.

Here are some highlights from our batch of new books:

This book, influenced by some of Adichie’s own experiences in American higher education, is all about the ways that assumptions about nationality, race, and gender can stifle the individual. Read this highly acclaimed novel when you are in a contemplative mood.

Flowers are naturally beautiful but the paper versions created by these crafters might just have those organic beauties beat. Explore the art of flower making in this beautifully photographed manual.

Every great Mediterranean civilization has wanted a piece of this building since its formation. Learn all about the Parthenon as a piece of architecture, a prize of empires, and as a symbol in this history.

Music can shape human emotion no matter what the context or setting. Learn more about how composers create a richer experience for gamers with sound in this book.

Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald was one of the first people to converse with Edward Snowden after he fled the United States for Hong Kong to reveal NSA secrets. Read what Greenwald thinks about modern state surveillance, and its implications for democratic societies in this book. 

Come check out these new titles, or browse through our many other fresh volumes at YOUR Alexandria Campus Library.

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