Friday, October 24, 2014

Fast Four Friday: Books into Autumn Film Edition

It is a well-known fact that Hollywood borrows heavily from the publishing world for its creative ideas. Many of the movies in theaters or coming out this fall are based on books that we have in YOUR Alexandria Library. So before you open up your Fandango app, why not come into the library and check out some of these titles?

Boy and girl meet, fall in love, marry, and then girl vanishes. Read this critically acclaimed and deeply unsettling book about all the ways a marriage can break or coalesce before you see the thrilling movie in theaters.  

Curl up with the last book from the Hunger Games trilogy before you head to theaters to see Katniss suffer and rebuild her life in the fourth cinematic installment of this franchise. May the odds be ever in your favor as you fight for a prime seat on opening day.

Looking for an escape? Read Nicholas Sparks’ book on familiar themes of love lost and reclaimed before indulging in a screening of the sugary adaptation.

Some stories are so extraordinary they demand our respect and attention. Read Laura Hillenbrand’s novel about heroism, pain, and triumph before you see director Angelina Jolie’s film translation. 

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