Friday, October 03, 2014

Fast Five Friday: Fall for a Good Book Edition

It's raining...books, hallelujah

Happy October, faithful readers! The staff of YOUR Alexandria Campus Library has been embracing the change of seasons with a beautiful and interactive autumnal display. 

Here are five items from our collection we think you might fall for:

Learn all about what those surly kids have been up to from this book.

Can affection for an object set you on your life’s path? This book is an enjoyable exploration of how the human mind can be shaped and inspired by its environment.

This German film from director Stephen Lacant follows the story of one man as he faces the consequences and reaps the rewards of traversing societal, familial, and personal boundaries.

Curl up with this Camus classic, which helped secure the 1957 Nobel Prize for Literature, about the amorality of man. Then take yourself out for a nice walk and try to cheer up. It might take a while.

Disgraced Oxford man Paul Pennyfeather is forced to take a teaching position at an abysmal boys’ school, and hilarity ensues in this comedy of manners from British novelist Evelyn Waugh. 

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