Thursday, August 28, 2008

What Students Are Saying

We've been gathering feedback from students about the Library's new look. Here's what some of them had to say:

Overall, comments have been very positive:

"Good space to chill out."

"Wonderful! The Library is more spacious now, more comfortable and it displays the real image of both academic and a business place. It looks very professional. "

"I think you could [use] more chairs, however, extremely comfortable overall, it’s an excellent place to “chill”"

"I love it. Very accommodating."

"I adore your taste in d├ęcor!"

"I like it, good furniture, probably need [a] few more."

"Amazing chairs/sofas."

"I really like now we have a place to study, while waiting for class or if you have an exam. It is good place to study. Thanks to those who [had] this idea."

"Finally, we can rest while reading books, newspapers or magazines. This is what was missing to be a complete library. I love the silence and the chairs. Maybe some more sofas, comfortable ones. Thank you NOVA!"

Students also had some suggestions. In addition to the oft-made observation that the Reading Room could use more chairs (we know!), some students wanted to see some more color. One Library User even suggested a pink sofa!

Many students have been surprised to discover the Library's interesting and diverse collection of magazines, which were formerly shelved on the upper-level and unfortunately not much visited. And large numbers of Library users now make use of the daily newspapers, which previously were kept behind the Circulation Desk but now receive exponentially more use on open display in the Reading Room.

Said one student: "whoever put these newspapers here was a genius."

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