Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Moving Moving Moving

How it all went down:

(the old financial aid office)

(Matt shelving popular reading books in their new location)

(The NEW Library Reading Room, showing the Popular Magazine collection where the old Financial Aid office used to be, and showing the Popular Reading collection in place).

(messy and crowded! No wonder the Library staff needed more space! This was someone's desk!!!)

(Jane and Twynell move into their expanded office space -- still got some cleaning to do!)

(Kim's new space -- she's smiling because she's not so crowded!)

(The Librarians' old office on moving day -- it's ALL got to go! This area will become a student study room)

(the Librarians' new office, formerly the Counseling offices).
(Anne, Jean, Matt, and Bruce and Darth Tater wave goodbye to the old office and get ready to move into the new (to us)).

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