Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Festive Fall Book Sale Breaks Records!!

The Library's Annual Fall Book Sale was the best ever -- thanks to all NOVA students, faculty, staff and community members who support the Alexandria Campus Library.

Festive balloons led the way to the biggest Library Used Book Sale ever. Trade was brisk from the very beginning -- the Sale raised over $200 in the very first 30 minutes. In what has become a popular annual campus event, the Book Sale continued at the "Y" (the space just outside the cafeteria on the lower level of the Bisdorf Building) on Tuesday 2 Octobver from 10am until 6pm. A Grand Total of over $720 was raised, breaking the previous record set in the spring of '07.

What does the Library do with this money? Book Sale profits support a variety of Library collections, services and programs. In addition to supporting materials purchases, Book Sale profits allow popular Library events like the Late Night Study Break provided each evening the Library holds extended hours during the last week of classes and finals. Competition prizes, Library Lemonade, and give-aways are also funded through the Book Sale, in addition to special purchases such as some of the student art currently displayed in the Library.

Thanks to all for your support!

Where do the books come from that the Library sells? Books, videos and cassettes in the Sale are all donations. The Library accepts donations of books and other materials in good condition. Appropriate donations may be added to the Library collection, all other titles are sold in the on-going Book Sale just inside the Library front doors or in the annual Fall and Spring Used Book sales. (note that state law prohibits the sale of books purchased explicitly for the Library Collection -- no state money was used to acquire the books in the Sale. The Library depends entirely on donations to hold Book Sales).

Alexandria Campus Library services and collections benefit from the continued generosity of the campus community. Thanks!

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