Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Virginia Library Association Annual Conference

Sylvia Rortvedt (LRS Associate Director) and Matt Todd (Collection Development Librarian) head to the Homestead in Hot Springs, Virginia for the Virginia Library Association Annual Conference. Catch Sylvia and Matt present on Radical Trust on Thursday 1 Nov!

View the presentation!

And check back to see the results of the Radical Trust competition to Name Our Presentation!

And the winner is...

Radical Trust: Power Through the People

Thanks to everyone who took time to fill in evaluations and to vote on a title for our presentation!

Runner up suggestions:

Radical Trust: Trust, engage and use your customers or lose them

Radical Trust: The user is not broken

Honorable Mention:

Radical Trust: It’s not just for theology anymore (we love it!)

Here's a list of all the suggestions -- which one(s) do you like?

Power through the people!
It’s not just for theology anymore
Community building for engaged library services
Taking a leap of faith in the user
Community conversations
Asimov, first law of robots: First do no harm
At the root of service

Engaging our patrons
The user is not broken
Sharing authority with users
Multiple truths provide collective wisdom
Beyond the box: your way
Go with the flow—be willing to change
Trust, engage and use your customers or lose them
Transforming your library by empowering your users
Transforming librarianship
Creating communities
Question rules

And finally -- the best of the comments:

Someone suggested: "My only suggestion is to ask open-ended questions to engage your audience rather than polling close-ended questions. (Trust us.)" Great suggestion! Thanks.

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