Tuesday, August 21, 2007

What have we been up to all summer?

While many of NOVA's students and faculty head to the beach (or more exotic locales!) for the summer, YOUR Alexandria Campus Librarians have been busy getting the Library ready for Autumn Term '07.

Just some of the new and improved features you might notice in the Library:

You'll find five NEW stand-up computer workstations behind the stairs. These are full-service, networked computers to access the Library Catalog, online resources and article databases, email, MicroSoft Office products and more. Designed for quick searching and greater access.

Have a laptop?

These new wired carrels are each equipped with a network cable ready to plug into your laptop. No configuration needed -- just sit down, plug in, and work or surf online. There are 22 of these wired carrells (extra roomy to accomodate laptops, books, & notebooks) on the upper level of the Library.
What do Librarians get up to in the summer? Housecleaning! We checked all our books to make sure they are in the right place, and did lots and lots of dusting.

Alexandria Campus Librarians also carefully reviewed and evaluated the Reference Collection over the summer, and we withdrew out-of-date and redundant materials, creating some much-needed space in the Library (see above). Be sure to check out the Library's online reference collection as well as our streamlined print collection (located behind the reference desk).

We also shifted our reference collection to make better use of our space:

Come and check out all the new and improved features of YOUR Alexandria Campus Library!

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