Friday, August 24, 2007


Is your text book in the Library? It might be! Many instructors place text books on Reserve in the Library. Reserve books are held aside for limited use (usually for use in the Library only, or to be checked out for a limited amount of time like overnight).

Reserve books are located behind the Circulation Desk, just inside the front doors. Ask if your text books are on Reserve. If they are not, you can ask your instructor to place a copy of the text book on Reserve.

Where do Reserve books come from? Most of them come from the faculty members, who place materials on Reserve that support their classes. Some Reserve books are purchased by the Library in response to high demand.

Who decides if Reserve books can be checked out? The faculty. Individual professors decide whether Reserve items can be checked out, and if so for how long. Some Reserve books are the personal property of the faculty. Library staff comply with faculty wishes for Reserves.

Why do Reserve items have so many restrictions? Because so many students need to use them! The Reserve policies are in place to make items accessible to as many students as possible. Remember, however badly you need a Reserve book, there are many many other students who need it just as badly. Please be considerate of other students' needs when using Reserve Books. Return them on time and do not remove them from the Library.

What if Reserve books are returned late? In most cases a fine of $1 per day applies. A hold will also be placed on the student record of anyone not returning a Reserve book, which will block student registration, grades or transcripts until Reserve materials are returned.

Taking a placement test? The preparation book for the placement test, Chart Your Success on the Compass is on Reserve for students to check out for one week. Although the Library owns 50 copies of the Compass book, there are hundreds of students needing to take the placement test who want to use it. The Compass books are in almost constant circulation, especially around the beginning of the semester. If one is not available, check back often.

What happened to the Solution Manuals for the Calculus text? The Math Department faculty removed them. Sorry!

Don't see a book on Reserve you think we should have? Let us know!!

Have a great semester.

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