Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Computers, computers and MORE computers

Are you looking for a computer on campus?

The Library has 50 networked computers available. Where are they? In addition to the computers in the main part of the Library, you will find MORE computers in CyberSpace and even more behind the stairs.

Are all the Library computers in use? If you have a lap-top, you can use free Wi Fi in the Library (just as at the Reference or Circulation desk for directions on how to configure your computer to interact with the College's security system. Or visit the IT Help Desk Page).

There are also carrels on the upper level of the Library with network cables -- just plug in!

There are additional network jacks around the perimeter of the Library (near the windows) where you can plug in. Ask at the Circulation Desk if you need to borrow a network cord.

Where else can you find computers on campus? The main computer lab (The Open Computer Center, or OCC) on campus is located in Room 155, on the lower level of the Bisdorf Building, past the cafeteria. The OCC has many additional computers as well as technical assistance.

Need help with research? Come into the Library! Our computers are set up primarily for research purposes, and will provide access to the Library Catalog, articles and e-books. Although the Library computers support many applications, including email, MicroSoft Office, and web browsing, they are designed primarily for research and may not support every application you may need. Because the library computers are accessible to the public as well as students, we also have a good bit of computer-security in place.

Remember when using the Library computers that they are publicly-accessible research workstations. Save your work often! Once it's gone, there's no way to retrieve a document from a public computer!

Need technical help? The Library staff are here to help you conduct research. While we try to help with MS Office, internet and registration questions, you may need to visit another campus office to find specific kinds of computer assistance:

Need help with MS Office or other software applications? Visit the OCC in Room 155. OCC staff are welcoming and helpful, technically proficient in a wide-range of software applications and even speak many different languages!

Need help with registration? To get help applying to the College, registering for classes, adding, dropping, or swapping classes, visit the Student Services Center in Bisdorf room 229.

Need help with financial aid? For help applying for financial aid, visit the Financial Aid office in Bisdorf Room 232 (next door to the Counseling Office).

If you need assistance using the Library, conducting research, finding sources for your classes, tracking down a text-book, or citing sources, stop by the Library today!

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