Thursday, December 18, 2014

Extended Hours

The Alexandria Campus Library continued the popular tradition of offering extended hours during the last week of classes and final exams (Dec 3rd - Dec 16th).  This semester nearly broke the all-time record for number of students served.  Over 600 students used the library before 8.30am or after 10pm.  Once again, along with our sponsoring partners in Student Activities, the Library offered "Stress Relief" week snacks at 10pm (100 bottles of Gatorade, and over 70 cups of coffee were consumed, plus cookies, nuts, fruit snacks and candy).

Extended hours are made possible by Library staff voluntarily re-arranging their schedules to offer this much-in-demand service. 

Many thanks to the early birds and night owls (staff and students alike) who continue to make this event a success.

And congratulations to everyone who successfully completed exams!  See you in Spring 2015!

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