Wednesday, September 24, 2014

New Books at YOUR Alexandria Campus Library: Bones and Souls Edition

The staff at YOUR Alexandria Campus Library cannot contain our excitement as we roll out another allotment of books.

Let’s go over some of the highlights, shall we?

Have you ever wondered about how All Hallows Eve became associated with skeletal imagery? This eye opening book on the veneration of saintly bodies makes the connection explicit. It might also haunt your dreams.

This uplifting book explores LGBTQ identities through the use of personal narratives. Therapists Ellen Riggle and Sharon Rostosky designed this book to be an affirming resource for LGBTQ individuals, their allies, and for the communities that surround them.

 Philosophy scholar Dean Kowalski designed this book, which pairs films and cultural theories, as a way to introduce and explain influential ideas in moral philosophy.You can now think of your day at the cinema as both entertaining and an enlightening exploration of the field of ethics.

Jonathan Howard’s novel features a crazed scientist who robs graves, allies himself with vampires, and is currently trying to win himself out of a pact with the devil. Read this novel if you are in the mood for humor, adventure, and a wickedly good time.

Marine biologist and conservationist Callum Roberts gives readers a detailed state of the world’s oceans in Ocean of Life, and what he reports is grim and alarming. Learn more about the threats to global waters from this passionate and disturbing book.

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