Friday, September 19, 2014

Fast Five Friday: Academic Skills Edition

We’re several weeks into the new academic term and there is definitely an autumnal atmosphere settling over the Alexandria campus. The air outside is getting cooler and crisper, the leaves of the trees that surround our campus are changing color, and all seems golden.

The more scholastic signs of fall are also evident inside our buildings, especially inside YOUR Alexandria library. Our students are busy at work searching our stacks, online resources, and service desks for the information they need to complete their many assignments. It is generally in these first busy of the fall term that our users reach out for extra help, so the staff at YOUR Alexandria library curated a list of books designed to strengthen and improve our students’ academic skills.

Students transitioning to NOVA from high school or work can benefit from the insight and advice put forth in Mark Rowh’s manual on community college success. Topics covered include choosing a degree path, enhancing study skills, striking a school and work balance, and handling the transfer to a university.

If you are a college student you are required to read, constantly. Use this primer to learn how to read effectively, retain more information, and maximize your understanding of the course readings you are assigned.

Most students, and non-students alike, dread making presentations. Give yourself a leg up on public speaking by using the methods outlined in this Harvard Business Review manual. 

What separates a mere student from true scholar? It is the ability to synthesize information and to research. Learn how to properly conduct a true research project using the guidance found in this book.

Success in college is possible, regardless of your academic past. Use this book to cultivate new study habits that will help you thrive in the collegiate environment.

Remember, there are people on the Alexandria campus invested in student success. There are also many other books and resources in YOUR Alexandria campus library that can empower you to be the best student that you can be. So come into the library, check out our student success resources, and emerge a better scholar!

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