Monday, February 10, 2014

Love Stinks

Ah, February. It is a month awash in hearts, candy, forced romanticism, and schmaltzy sentimentality. It can be a little much for everyone, whether happily paired off or single. 

Keeping this in mind, your Alexandria Campus Library has decided to celebrate and reveal in the darker side of love. We’ve gathered together books and films that examine and celebrate the tragic, impossible, infuriating, toxic, and maddening aspects of romantic love. Our display covers fictitious and historical tales of relationships gone sour, lovers forever separated by circumstance, and the unremitting pain of unrequited passions.

So this Valentine’s Week, while everyone else is going through the forced motions of the holiday, why not come into the library and pick up something that speaks to the harsher realities of relationships. After all, if the great works of literature and film are any indication, sometimes love just stinks. 

For a complete list of title in this display, click here.

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