Monday, September 13, 2010

Textbooks are so expensive!!

Yes they are -- and we at the Alexandria Campus Library feel your pain!

To purchase textbooks, students should visit the campus Bookstore. Please note that textbooks are campus specific. Math classes at Alexandria do not use the same textbooks as math classes at Annandale.

A cheaper (free) alternative is to visit the Alexandria Campus Library to see if your professor has placed your textbook on Reserve.

What is Reserves and what do you need to know about using this collection? Here are some frequently asked questions and answers:

What is the Reserve Collection?

Reserves are course materials (usually text books) placed in the Library by the faculty or academic departments. They are available free of charge for currently enrolled students to use.

How can I use these materials?

Bring your current NOVACard to the circulation desk in room 232. You will need to know the course name and number of the course you are taking. It helps if you know the teacher's name as well.

How long can I keep reserve materials?

Because of extremely high demand (many, many students rely on reserve materials, especially textbooks) most textbooks can be used for two hours at a time. This gives other students a chance to use the materials.

Some reserve material can be checked out overnight, for three days, or one week.

Can I take reserve materials home?

In most cases you must use reserve materials in the library only. This ensures that the materials are secure and remain available for use by as many students as possible.

In some limited cases, some reserve materials may be taken home for a restricted amount of time.
Who decides if the reserve books can be taken home, or used for only 2 hours?

The teaching faculty.

What if the textbook for my course is not on reserve?

Speak to your professor, or let library staff know.

What if I do not return reserve items on time?

Shame on you! You should feel very bad! Other students -- just like you -- are waiting for these items. In addition, reserve materials carry a $2 per hour fine.

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Ken Balbuena said...

Can't get much cheaper than free :-)