Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Is it HOT in here or is it just me?

It's not just you! The air conditioning in the Bisdorf (AA) Building is being replaced. While this happens, there is no air-conditioning in the Library!

As outside temperatures rise, inside temps do also -- and since the windows in the Library do not open, there is no way to vent the hot air or blow in cold air.

Remember that the Library is opening early and closing late April 27 - May 8. Come prepared, dress appropriately:

And help yourself to a glass of lemonade during the Late Night Study Break (usually around 10pm).

Fans have been placed around the Library to help move the air. We know it's HOT, and we apologize for the discomfort. Some parts of the building to have air-conditioning, so feel free to explore to find a COOL spot.
In the meantime, dress cool, find a fan, and chill out in our warm Library.

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