Thursday, April 10, 2008

Computers in Libraries!!

Alexandria Campus Librarians Anne Anderson, Jean Hogan and Matt Todd attended the Computers in Libraries conference in Arlington Virginia April 7, 8 & 9.

Conference sessions addressed such diverse issues as the role of gaming and virtual reality in instruction, marketing library services, connecting with the YouTube Generation, student research habits, and updates on the latest in search technologies.

If you'd like to see an amusing amateur video promoting academic libraries, check out this YouTube offering called "Databases". If you're a fan of the Saturday Night Live Digital Short Lazy Sunday/ Chronicles of Narnia might enjoy the Chronicles of Libraria. (for some interesting news about SNL digital shorts and copyright, see here*).

For some fun and interesting new resources on the web, visit the Resource Shelf.

* for those distressed that the Library Blog referenced Wikipedia: see this recent New Yorker article or this Nature study comparing Wikipedia to Encyclopaedia Britannica. (NB: Encyclopaedia Britannica does not have an entry for Saturday Night Live or Andy Samberg).

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