Friday, January 27, 2017

Silent Study: Almost here!

This Library is a loud Library.  The students know it and the staff know it.  Unfortunately, the way the Library was designed and constructed does not allow to easily "zone" or divvy up space for different uses.

And this Library has a lot of  different uses.  People come to to do research, consult with Librarians, check out books, use Reserve textbooks, seek directions, register for classes, check Blackboard, check Facebook, email, type papers, complete homework, take online quizzes,  print (and print and print and print), seek help with printing, seek instruction with printing, complain about printing, study independently, study in groups, use wi-fi, read newspapers, discuss the news with friends, charge phones, meet friends for lunch, bring lunch to friends, meet professors, have a rest, have a cuddle, or just chill out.

What many of these activities produce is noise.  While the upper level of the Library is our "quiet" level, it is a balcony mezzanine and open to the noise activities on the main floor.

And until now, there has been no place to completely close off and allow silence to reign.

But the time has come!

Over the break construction began on creating two new glass-enclosed SILENT study rooms on the upper level.  

In response to long-stated student demand, these rooms will now provide enclosed, completely SILENT study space adjacent to the quiet space on the upper level.

Furniture will be in place soon!


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