Thursday, April 28, 2016

Closing Music Playlist: Deep Archive

Throwback Thursday:

In the mists of time, when the librarians first walked upright, devised the Dewey Decimal System, and struck upon the idea of playing a "closing song," Library patrons were treated to the same song every night:

That's right, the dulcet (not to say saccharine) tones of the TV von Trapp children crooned Library users out the door with a rendition of "So Long Farewell."

Those were simpler times.

The closing song was even played on one of these:

The red boom-box dutifully belted out the Sound-of-Music Goodbye song for many a year,

Then one fateful evening, the apparatus blew up:

OK, so it wasn't that dramatic but there were sparks, and the boom box went to amplifier heaven.

After that, a couple of Library staff whose musical tastes were a little... more modern than Julie Andrews took over and the play list evolved.

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