Thursday, September 03, 2015

Academic Success Conference comes to Alexandria

Alexandria Learning and Technology Resources, hosted the first ever Student Success Conference from September 1-3.  Over 50 sessions provided opportunities for students to meet faculty, staff and each other, to explore campus resources, facilities and services, learn tools for college success and win prizes.

(above;  LTR Associate Dean Matt Todd, and ASC Coordinator Courtney Boland (right) at the Library open house at which prizes, including copies of the Honors Club Book selections, Barnes & Noble gift cards and an iPad mini were raffled off).

Many thanks to the Campus Library, Technology in Learning and Teaching (TILT), the Open Computer Lab (OCL), The Academic Success Center (ASC) and Campus Information Technology (IT) who provided personnel, resources and support for the conference.

Funding was provided by the Office of Student Life.

Special thanks to our teaching faculty and admin faculty partners who helped out.

And thanks to all students who attended!!

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