Wednesday, March 04, 2015

YOUR Alexandria Campus Library: Now as Green as Grass

A curious phenomenon is afoot at YOUR Alexandria Campus Library. While temperatures whip between bitterly cold and arctic outside, things inside the library are growing more verdant by the minute. There is greenery everywhere in the library, providing a refreshing contrast to the muddy grays and browns outdoors.


A brightest green spot in our space is the aquatic nursery for the wild celery the Alexandria Library is growing for the Chesapeake Bay. Our staff is now weeks into the project and our once minuscule grass shoots are going strong. Interested patrons can follow the progress of our plants via the library's Instagram.

Look at that growth!

The display space along our circulating shelves has also undergone a complete greening. Come explore the stacks and enjoy all the diverse shades of green in our collection. The sights will help you prepare for St. Patrick's Day, and the upcoming Vernal Equinox.

So come in from the drab and dreary winter, and enjoy the earliest hints of a warming season in YOUR Alexandria Campus Library.

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