Thursday, January 22, 2015

Throwback Thursday at YOUR Alexandria Campus Library: The Life (and Death) of Victoria

This Throwback Thursday YOUR Alexandria Campus Library is highlighting a biography just recently added to our collection, Victoria: A Life by A.N. Wilson. January 22nd happens to be the death day this enormously influential and long-ruling monarch, whose Empire spanned to length and breadth of the globe, and who was related by blood or marriage to nearly every royal house on the entire continent of Europe.

Victoria was a fascinating personality on an individual level, but Wilson’s book explores how her reign over the British Empire had political and cultural consequences that reverberate to this very day. Any person who is interested in history, political geography, commerce, international relations, fashion, or art will find something of interest in this accessible biography.

So this Thursday, why not come into the library and check out this or any of the many other books on the 19th century, the British Empire, or “the Grandmother of Europe?”

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