Wednesday, August 20, 2014

OOPS!: Finding 14 Week Dynamic Session Classes

You forgot to register on time. Maybe you were away for the summer. Maybe you meant to register on time, and you lost track of the date. The situation is not ideal, but the staff of YOUR Alexandria Campus Library understands that these things can happen. Students who missed registration for the regular 16 week classes have options. So do not despair, YOUR Alexandria Campus Library is here to show you how to find open 14 week Dynamic session classes to register for.

To find an open 14 week class, log into MyNOVA, choose "Class Schedule," and then select "Class Search" from the list of options.

Once on the search page, begin to carefully input criteria for the type of classes you require. Students who wish to take on-campus 14 week sessions need to select the Fall 2014 term, a subject and course number, a campus, and the "In Person" mode of instruction in the module. It is also important for searchers to check the "Show Open Classes Only" box near the bottom of the course search section, as shown in the example below.

After entering the basic information in the class search module students will need to click on the "Additional Search Criteria" option, and enter the additional information needed to recall only open 14 week dynamic session results. To do this students must select "Dynamic Sessions" from the drop down sessions menu. They must also make sure to list Alexandria as their class location.

After students press green search button on the bottom right of the page they will be directed to results that look like the example list below. Students can select the class that works best for them from the list of options, and then write down of all the relevant enrollment information like class number, section information, instructor, and date times. They will need to use this information when they add classes during the enrollment process. Remember, students have until 11:59 pm of September 2nd to register for 14 week sessions.

Need some inspiration to get over your initial disappointment about being locked out of the regular fall session classes? YOUR Alexandria Campus Library has also set up a helpful display featuring materials related to some of the great 14 week classes being taught this fall at the Alexandria Campus. So come into the Library, check out our display, and get to registering!

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